Salet Seafoods Pvt. Ltd.

Dwarka - the golden city of yore

This island capital of Bhagwan Shri Krishna has not lost its golden touch even today. As the sun touches the horizon, it bathes into rich golden hues the endless sea and the vast stretch of sand.

From these fathomless seas, the brave fishermen of Dwarka and haul back another treasure-world's best seafoods. Most-in-demand prawns and silver pomfrets are found in these regions, thanks to the unique clean unpolluted environmental situation here is highly conducive to the growth of a variety of fish. The other parts of the world also now get the rich bounty from these seas processed in its freshest form. The credit goes to Salet Seafoods.


Salet Seafoods - fishing the treasures today

The origin of this highly sophisticated company goes back to 1953, when Mr Ramjibhai Salet ventured out on the sea independently. This personal adventure translated itself into a company of magnitude when his sons joined him. Because of their combined efforts, today, the Salet Seafoods has grown manifold and carries out several activities like fishing, fish processing and mass exports. Yet it has never lost sight of the principle of quality. All along the company is acutely aware that dealing in food calls for a heightened sense of responsibility which has resulted into foolproof hygiene and stringent quality control. That explains the respect that Salet Seafoods commands.

To catch hold of quality, we cast nets wider.

Just as a fish takes to water, the Salet Seafoods have taken to seafood industry. In no time. The company came into existence in March 1994 and within 2 years, that is, by March 1996, it started the actual production. Only a charged company can give such spectacular results.  Today, the Salet Seafoods have 750 people working in their two factories : one at Veraval, and the other at Varvala.  Four vans ply between these factories and the fish receiving centres at Dwarka, Okha and Porbandar where world's best prawns and pomfrets are collected by 21 company trawlers equipped with wireless system of 25 km reach, so that the factories get geared to start the processing the moment the catch arrives.  The factories are constructed on the lines of international standards so as to facilitate smooth flow in one direction. Here qualified technicians test each and every butch in a  modern in house lab.

In fact, the entire operation right from fish collection to packing and marketing is carried out in highly sophisticated manner observing the utmost hygiene.

The result : places as far off as Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Bangkok, China, Australia, Mauritius and other countries get quality fish in their freshest form, since the best fish especially the prawns and the silver pomfrets are caught here. The credit goes to the happy climatic conditions of this region. Here sweet water of the Sindhu river mixes with the salty oceanic waters of the Arabian sea.  This combination proves extremely conducive to prawns and silver pomfrets.  The Salet Seafoods works round the clock. High grade quality is maintained at every step in all the operations under the able leadership of the four Salet brothers. It was their dynamism that took the company to a turnover of Rs. 70 crores in a very short time. After all, they are chips of the old block who reckoned and responded to the call of the wild sea and brought its living wealth to the shores.